• the nature of change

    Facing changes not always easy. Especially when you didn't want any change. Everything was fine. Everything was good and you wished all stay the same forever. But even life looks static, every ...

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    the nature of change
  • 2021 prediction is here

    If you want to know what are the energies of the year of Metal Ox, click on the links to download a 30 minutes long audio. It's available in English and Hungarian. My intention is to give a helping ...

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    2021 prediction is here
  • the last 3 months

    2020 is not over yet, so let's do whatever we can, to make it right. I am reading a book from my late mom’s library, about the 5 elements. Today I random opened it, at Water element. If you have ...

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    the last 3 months
  • steps to thrive not only survive

    June is going to be emotional month due to opposition between the month and year energies. In order to take control and avoid unnecessary pain, here is a proven strategy. To make it real, I write down ...

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    steps to thrive not only survive


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